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:: (Auto) Prods ::

"Wer rastet Rostet" (Tape)


titles : Solipsist + impulse + how it happened + wer rastet rostet



Demo #01"Brutal Death-Core"

dec. 2003

Titles : Smash It + Way Of War + Grind Inc. (INHUMATE COVER)




Demo #02 : "Brutal & Live"

March. 04

3 Studio Tracks : Smash It + Way Of War + Grind Inc. (INUMATE COVER) + 5 Live tracks recorded @SGF4 : Tomb For Mass Medias, Impulse, Smash It, Way Of War, Time

Reviews :

La part d'ombre

Les accrocs du Métal





Maxi CD Split with HxCxF :" Strsbsk : Evil Axis"

April 2006

13 Tracks from the Violent Bastards from HxCxF + 5 Tracks from the Violent Strikers from SOLSTIS : Way Of War 2, Impulse, MK Ultra, Acts Not Speeches, L'intégrité (Ft LACRO)


::Compilations ::



ML # 00 Compilation MUSICA LIBRE

Titre : "A Tomb for Mass Medias"

With : Skatophiles, Tadbou, Process, Absurdity Unformed, chicken Dead'z,


Soul Grinding Fest pt 4 : (Grind Your Soul Prod.)

Titre : "Smash It " + "Way Of War"

With : Elysium, Grotesque Impalement, Inhumate, Coitus, CxMxP; Depraved, censored, parricide


Zoroestra VS the reste of World

Titre : "Acts Not Speeches" (1ère version)

With : Blockheads, HCF, Vietnam 2.4, Inside Conflict, Organ Grinder, Aside from a Day, Adrift, Torn my Pride, SOS, Worethorn, Gantz, Tanker Chaos, Pulmonary Fibrosis, Dieresis, Gang Chain, wrench, Vulgar Nausea, FTX, Lysteria, Al Bundy, Submerge, Le massacre du client de 15h, Desecrator



ML #02 Compile Musica Libre (Coming Soon)

Titre : "MK Ultra" + "l'intégrité "